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Doctors, nurses and social workers can provide a wealth of information about your cancer diagnosis and treatment. The libraries at cancer centers are also excellent sources of information. Hospital social workers and discharge planning coordinators are great resources for information about counseling, home care, transportation and child care.
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Lung Cancer. CancerCare provides free, professional support services for people affected by lung cancer, as well as lung cancer treatment information and additional resources.
The ACR is your best resource for safe, effective lung cancer screening with the latest research, toolkits and key patient information. ACR and the Society of Thoracic Radiology offer CT lung cancer screening practice parameters to help you provide safe and effective lung CT exams. ACR-STR Practice ...
An NCI sponsored comprehensive source of cancer information including types of cancer, treatment options, clinical trials, genetics, coping, support, resources, and cancer literature. CancerNet is one of the most comprehensive information sources for cancer patients on the Internet.
These nonprofit organizations provide online information related to lung cancer and other conditions.. National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a nonprofit alliance of 26 cancer centers throughout the U.S. that treats all cancers.. National Comprehensive Cancer Network
Get a personalized lung cancer educational package from Lung Cancer Alliance, providing information and resources for patients, survivors and caregivers. Get a personalized lung cancer educational package from Lung Cancer Alliance, providing information and resources for patients, survivors and caregivers.
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Lung cancer includes two main types: non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer. Smoking causes most lung cancers, but nonsmokers can also develop lung cancer. Explore the links on this page to learn more about lung cancer treatment, prevention, screening, statistics, research, clinical trials, and more.
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American Lung Association provides valuable resources for lung cancer patients and healthcare professionals, including downloadable information, online videos, lung cancer research news and much more.
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Resource Support. Uniting Against Lung Cancer 212-627-5500 Financial Assistance Medical Information Patient Education. US TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network 800-808-7866 Advocacy Culturally Specific Resources Individual counseling Medical Information Patient Education Prevention/Detection Referrals …
American Lung Association offers a wide variety of lung cancer resources and information. We have everything you need from learning about types of lung cancer, symptoms and risk factors to important treatment and diagnosis information. We also provide lung cancer resources and support, including access to Registered Nurses and Respiratory …
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